With the novel coronavirus{COVID-19} now declared a global pandemic we have taken measures to protect the public. We are able to carry out mediation services via remote communication eg.iphones if necessary. We will explain the process when you make your initial enquiry.

How Long Does Mediation Take?

On average two to three, 1 hour sessions are needed. However, if your financial circumstances are complicated, or if there is a lot of disagreement between the two parties, more meetings may be necessary. Parties may decide at the end of each session whether a further session is needed.

How Does It Work?

A trained mediator assists you and your partner, former partner or family member to discuss and resolve any issues connected with separation or divorce. These may include:

Children; Maintenance, Residence and Contact
Property and Housing

Mediators do not take sides or make the decisions for you. They help you gather all the relevant information, to consider the options open to you and to agree on mutually acceptable solutions. If you are not comfortable sitting in the same room as your former partner or the other person in the dispute, shuttle mediation can be arranged, and you will be seen separately to put forward your proposals.

Mediation is designed to ease the process of separation or divorce. It is not a marriage guidance service. If you and your partner wish to consider the possibility of staying together, or if you would like personal counselling, we can provide you with details of relevant counselling services.

Who Are The Mediators?

Our mediators are highly qualified, experienced lawyers or professionals who specialise in family mediation work and have also been trained in mediation. During meetings they make sure that certain ground rules are respected, thus allowing discussions to be as balanced and productive as possible.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you and your partner are interested in family mediation, contact us by telephone or email for further information or to arrange an appointment.

At the initial appointment the mediator will fully explain the process and answer any questions.

If the other party is reluctant to try mediation, you could suggest a single exploratory meeting.

Remember, the aim of mediation is to help you reduce the stress and expense involved in separation – and works for the benefit of both parties and any children.

How Much Will It Cost?

Mediator charges are calculated per session. The costs can be shared between you in any way you agree. In addition Legal Aid is available to cover the costs for qualifying applicants.

Why Use Family Mediation?

If you and your partner are facing separation or divorce, you will want arrangements for the future to be both fair and reasonable. In all cases, but particularly if children are involved, it is important that agreement is reached with the minimum of conflict or distress. Family mediation helps parties take control of their situation and work things out together in an open and co-operative atmosphere. Mediation can help you reach a lasting settlement which is fair to all parties – whilst at the same time avoiding high legal costs. Mediation helps open up the lines of communication between parties who may then make decisions for the future without having decisions imposed on them.

Where Are We?

Head Office:

Suite 217,
Oxford Point,
19 Oxford Road,

(For Poole, Bournemouth & East Dorset clients)

Wessex Family Mediation Centre Ltd also has two outreach posts situated at:

Stratford Advice Arcade, 107-109 The Grove, Stratford, LONDON, E15 1HP
(For Stratford, Hackney, Walthamstow, Leytonstone & East London clients)
St John’s Ambulance Hall, Westwey Road, Weymouth, DORSET, DT4 8SU
(For Weymouth, Dorchester & West Dorset clients)

For clients who have little or no English, an interpreter can be provided at no extra cost.

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